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  Jan.22.2010   New web design!

Finally, an updated neat new look on our web pages! The old design was almost a decade old. The new design includes antibot services, CSS and sporting a more dynamic look. Hopefully, the new look is more relaxing on the eyes :-)

-- Sveinar, web-hamster at Geekcorp

  Mar.7.2009   DiskState v3.70 Build 1601

Geekcorp Software is ten years! And with the beginning of this new year, here is DiskState v3.70.

We added a few new features, made it run on Windows 7, fixed a few things based on your feedback. A portable DiskState version can be found in the registered license area.

The upgrade is free of charge. Get the new DiskState today!

Additionally, we corrected a few problems in this new shiny build 1601 of DiskState 3.70: Crash when browsing folder tree, Deletion with recycler not working as expected, Crash with extremely long path names across network volumes, Close-other-window first issue, Crash when updating DiskState on non-Vista/Win7 systems.


--Sveinar, joyful, smiling programmer

  Aug.23.2008   DiskState 3.60

Itís is here. The long-awaited and amazing DiskState v3.60!

It is faster, stable and portable! Portable, huh? Yes, you can tuck DiskState Portable on your USB drive if you like. Get it today.

But that isnít all. It is affordable, too! The upgrade is free of charge. Get the new DiskState today!

--Sveinar, a C++, C#, ObjC and Java code monkey

  Aug.4.2007   DiskState 3.50

Improvements when you possibly couldnít believe DiskState could be more perfect than it is, please say HIIII to DiskState version 3.50.

We have so diligently improved the duplicate engine for the Asian population of this wonderful world as well as fixed a few crashes under Windows Vista!

  • Improved duplicate finder engine for Asian locales. DiskState will now find many more duplicates than before.
  • Duplicate engine deletes empty folders if possible.
  • Deletion Engine improved. Changed íInclude folders and filesí to only apply for files, allowing recursive scan for particular files to delete.
  • Bugfix: Added automatic generation of Microsoft Dump files upon a crash.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash. Proper handling of reparse mount points under Windows Vista. Much more stable during volume scanning.
  • Bugfix: When uninstalling, always remove the íRun DiskState at startupí.
The upgrade is free of charge, as in free beer!   Time to upgrade!

-- Sveinar, keyboard duster engineer

  May.28.2007   DiskState 3.40

Folks, please welcome DiskState 3.40!

Yes, a brand-new version of your favorite tool to locate duplicate files is on the block. DiskState v3.40 runs better than ever before. It is even more useful than before. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback we get from all of you - it makes DiskState shine better than ever. It truly is that good.

  • Added file size filtering to DiskState Custom Reports.
  • DiskState Reports window is now resizable.
  • Improved exported text file-based/clipboard output for duplicate and DiskClean results.
  • The Regex tester now makes substitutions for environment variables.
  • Made the Regex tester more prominent.
  • Bugfix: Deselect files that are not readable when deleting.
  • Bugfix: Include swap file data from other volumes than C:\. Used incorrect Windows control set. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Various Windows Vista fixes.
  • Bugfix: ZipSafety recovery on read-only files fixed.

Visit the whatís new page for a full listing.

Oh - and one important thing: Have fun and enjoy the free upgrade!

-- Sveinar, Vice-President of Improbable Research Lab

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