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  May.27.2010   DiskState v3.80

A fresh and awesome version of the beloved DiskState is now available. We listened to your feedback and made DiskState more robust and faster than before.

This version is only available for people with Windows XP SP2 or newer versions of Windows, including Windows Vista , Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2 etc.

The upgrade is free of charge. Get the new DiskState today!

Have fun!

-- Sveinar, unbelievably geeky person

  Apr.4.2010   Introducing Simple NoteWorthy!

It is our very first Silverlight application. And it is actually useful.

Bring your notes with you everywhere. Synchronizing in the cloud with SimpleNote, access stuff from your desktop (Windows and Mac) and even your phone!

Enjoy SimpleNoteWorthy.

-- Sveinar, gearing up for Windows Phone 7 development

  Jan.26.2010   SmartBee iPhone v4.0.0

Hey! Our first iPhone application - and we thought it would be nice to bring jokes, quotes and fortune cookies with us everywhere we go :-)

So we did a rewrite of the famous SmartBee application. Version 4 is a complete rewrite of everything including the cookie engine itself. With the existing open-source code base being a decade old, it was about time to throw away everything and start off with a clean sheet.

The Desktop version is still on version 3, but who knows - we might refresh that version when we get the chance. And that version will be completely free!

In the meanwhile, enjoy SmartBee iPhone V4.0.0.

-- Sveinar, happy smiling mobile geek

  Jan.22.2010   New web design!

Finally, an updated neat new look on our web pages! The old design was almost a decade old. The new design includes antibot services, CSS and sporting a more dynamic look. Hopefully, the new look is more relaxing on the eyes :-)

-- Sveinar, web-hamster at Geekcorp

  Mar.7.2009   DiskState v3.70 Build 1601

Geekcorp Software is ten years! And with the beginning of this new year, here is DiskState v3.70.

We added a few new features, made it run on Windows 7, fixed a few things based on your feedback. A portable DiskState version can be found in the registered license area.

The upgrade is free of charge. Get the new DiskState today!

Additionally, we corrected a few problems in this new shiny build 1601 of DiskState 3.70: Crash when browsing folder tree, Deletion with recycler not working as expected, Crash with extremely long path names across network volumes, Close-other-window first issue, Crash when updating DiskState on non-Vista/Win7 systems.


--Sveinar, joyful, smiling programmer

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