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About Geekcorp Software

Geekcorp Software is a business dedicated to generating quality software, as well as providing consultation and other computer-orientated services.

Founded in July 1999 makes Geekcorp Software a relatively old software development company. My name is Sveinar Rasmussen and I started this business with one solid purpose: To have fun! Computer gear is expensive and Geekcorp Software quite happily contributes to the "funding part" of various exciting hardware and software projects over these past years.

We really became popular on the web with DiskState. Other products are mostly freeware. DiskState has been developed as a whole by the company's owner.

Geekcorp Software handles product development on other platforms. SmartBee is one example of such a fun product.

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You can naturally get ahold of us using email, twitter and the likes.


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