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Disk Analysis and

Get detailed overview of disk space, eliminate wasted disk space by safely removing old and temporary files, tidy up those duplicate files all across your system, capture disk states and compare, generate reports, schedule cleanup, extract boot blocks for multiboot, cover your tracks after surfing, edit and clean up list of installed programs and much more...
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Fortune Cookies

A fortune cookie program for the masses. Has a lot of humor in it - the data file is compressed full of laughs. It's big. Has been rewarded as a valuable resource on the net by several computer magazines. A peak of 70000 downloads in a day!
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Taking simple notes

This application helps you take simple notes with you. SimpleNote Worthy synchronizes your notes with SimpleNote, so you can access your notes even from your wonderful phone.
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Fixing URLs

This tool helps you fix URLs that are broken in emails and usenet articles. Here is what you do: Mark and copy the section of the text "in trouble" and then click on the UrlFixer icon in the system tray. Paste out the fixed URL in your browser.
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@ Home

Learn Sushi!

This application will teach you how to make sushi.
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Find your way!

This application helps you find meeting rooms at the MDC Norway - Oslo site.
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Simple monitoring

This is a tool that resembles 'top' on Unix. Recommended used to get info about a Windows box from the command line output. It will get info about CPU, memory, handle counts, disk usage and network monitoring. Useful for Python snippets.
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Keeping track
of time

This tool helps you track percentage of time spent of tasks. It might help you report more accurate numbers for time spent on various projects.
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Statistics for Radius

A program that analyzes log files from the dialup service for both ISDN and analog modems. After analyzing, Dialup Stat will send emails to the dialup administrator if something important is going on, draw graphs presenting the information and create HTML files (including the indexes) for you. It creates the following reports: day report, week report, month report and a 2-year report.
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Host Resources SNMP Daemon

A SNMP based network management program to alleviate certain problems of heterogeneous systems. An SNMP daemon has been successfully implemented supporting five different operating systems; HP-Unix, SunOS, IRIX, Linux and NetBSD.
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Snmp Monitor

Router Monitoring
and Alarms

A Scotty extension to safely monitor SNMP variables on the net. If there are changes in the routers etc., you can get a message on your cellular, by mail or on screen.
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