Geekcorp Software

Version 1.00

What is it?

This is a program that analyzes log files from the dialup service for both ISDN and analog modems. After analyzing, Dialup Stat will send emails to the dialup administrator if something important is going on, draw graphs presenting the information and create HTML files (including the indexes) for you. It creates the following reports: day report, week report, month report and a 2-year report.

Can I get a demo?

Well errr... The University had an open link to the dialup service, but this has been closed for users outside the University LAN. Thus, unfortunately there is no demo available for you. It basically showed a bunch of graphs and some text info related to the usage, hehe ;-D Download it and see for yourself...

Can I download it?

Yes, you can download Dialup Stat for free.
If you have any problems or bug reports, please use support here.

Sveinar Rasmussen [Web]
IT Departement
University of Tromsų