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Imagine starting each day with a good laughter.

Analogous to those cookies with a joke inside you get after dining out in a Chinese restaurant, SmartBee takes it further.

SmartBee contains more than one hundred thousand different cookies.
Everything from Murphy's laws, Devil's Dictionary, myths, jokes, computer mimics, facts, stories, jargons, deep thoughts and not to forget - quotes from famous people.


SmartBee for the iPhone and iPad

Features of the iPhone Edition

  • Search for cookies and quotes for your essay or hand-in.
  • Shake the phone to bring up new bits of humor.
  • Share your cookies by clipboard, email and SMS.
  • Full landscape support.
  • New: Create your own cookie files using SkyDrive.
  • New: Import cookie files using SkyDrive.
  • New: Search by authors and get author information.

Version 5.0.0 (Free, iPhone and iPad)
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