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As of June 2019, we decided to archive this product after 8 years and around 100000 downloads.

There are plenty of free alternatives for you to check out.

Sushi At Home

Sushi @ Home has the know-how on preparing delicious sushi in the comfort of your own home. You can create your shopping list, learn what type of fish to get and become an excellent sushi chef; preparing the sushi rice and making various great-tasting maki rolls in addition the traditional nigiri sushi. This app includes tips and tricks to create sashimi with spicy sushi mayonnaise, plus enjoy reading about the history of sushi. Enjoy sushi at home with Sushi@Home!

This application is freely available for Windows Phone 7, the iPhone and the iPad.

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A Big Thanks To...

  • Anne-Helen Rasmussen for taking pictures and valuable feedback of various prototypes.
  • Tom-Eirik Thorgersen for bringing sushi to our attention and his useful tips and tricks.

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