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Software written by myself at the Computer Centre, University of Tromsų, Norway

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The University is very generous to place this software under the public domain. Feel free to check out the software. Don't hesitate to send suggestions and bug reports to my email address. Other software is also avilable for download. Have fun!

  Dialup Stat 
   Dialup statistics
84 KB
[Info] Do statistics for dialup services. Both ISDN and analog modems supported. Platform is Unix.

   Network tool 
95 KB
[Info] Frontend to Tcpdump. Requires Tcl/Tk. Platform is Unix. 

 SNMP Monitor 
Network tool
42 KB
[Info] Safely monitor SNMP variables on the net. If there are changes, you can get a message on your cellular, by mail or on screen. Requires Scotty and Tcl/Tk. Platform is Unix.

 SNMP Daemon 
Network tool
158 KB
[Info] SNMP based network management program to alleviate certain problems of heterogeneous systems. Requires Scotty and Tcl/Tk. Platform is Unix.

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Last updated: April 2000.