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DiskState Logging

Follow these simple steps to diagnose a DiskState problem.

Start DiskState in a special way. From the Program/Start menu in Windows, select DiskState | Support | Run with Logging
Two processes will start now. A cmd window and DiskState itself. The cmd window will watch over DiskState for it to terminate.
This is where you start doing the steps that lead up to the problem you are having. DiskState can either terminate normally or simply crash, depending on the problem you are trying to reproduce here.

If DiskState hangs, you should hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and bring up the Windows Task Manager. Locate the DiskState.exe process and click "End process...".
Once DiskState has terminated, you should select e.g. the Desktop next. This is the location of where the support logs and crash log will be stored next.
Finally, DiskState will try to bring up this machine's email, fill in the To address field and subject line. Please drag the file to this email (as an attachment), type in a sensible message if you like and hit "Send". Thanks!