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Detailed overview of disk space, eliminate wasted disk space, tidy up those duplicate MP3s, pictures and other system-wide files, capture disk states and compare, generate reports, schedule cleanups, manage boot blocks for multiboot, surfe safely, cookie manager, UNC monitoring...[More]


DiskState Revision History

What is new in v3.85?

  • Updated for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, especially for high-DPI screen resolutions (4K and 5K displays).

What is new in v3.82?

  • Brought back the friendly name for UNC volumes in the overview.
  • Fixed a crash in the evaluation/demo version on startup.
  • Experimental Windows 2000 Support. For instance, run DiskState Portable on old discontinued versions of Windows.

What is new in v3.81?

  • Performance improved by introducing caching of file signatures. Enabled by default for fresh installs. Opt-in for upgrades by checking 'Cache file signatures for speedup' in Settings | Options | Options I.
  • Windows XP auto-update fixed.
  • Added max number of files for file compare, with a popup when limit is reached. Avoids crash.

What is new in v3.80?

  • Stability improvements: Fixed crash when comparing two very large folders (typically 600000 files). Fixed crash with scanning UNC drives. Fixed problem in DiskCleaner with dead file links check. Fixed problem with Notification Engine.
  • Improved DiskState Portable Edition by not touching the registry for the Deletion Engine or create unnecessary keys in the registry.
  • Adhere to Windows' Show Drive Letters First settings.
  • Faster by using a new compiler.

What is new in v3.70?

  • Stability improvements: Crash when browsing folder tree, Deletion with recycler not working as expected, Crash with extremely long path names across network volumes, Close-other-window first issue, Crash when updating DiskState on non-Vista/Win7 systems.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Windows 7 support added.
  • DiskClean rules updated.
  • Added support for folder selections in DiskClean.
  • Improved usability with DiskClean's and Duplicates' Delete UI.
  • Support for detecting 64-bit Program Files folder.
  • Increased the height of the DiskState settings window.
  • Added "Copy" buttons to DiskClean and Duplicates regular expression section.
  • Reduced memory usage for folders. 3 GB binary aware.

What is new in v3.60?

  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Vista UAC security behavior greatly improved.
  • DiskState Portable support added. Run DiskState off a USB drive or similar. Not using Windows registry.
  • Maximum number of UNC folders to monitor increased from 40 to 512.
  • Added many new file formats for audio, video and images to the duplicate finder wizard. Specifically, these formats are now detected: MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, MOD, M4A, MP4, VQF, ASF, MID, MIDI, MP2, MP1, AVI, ASF, MOV, MPEG, MPG, DIVX, VOB, M2V, M2T, M2TS, AVC, M4V, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, BMP, JPF, JPX, TIF, TIFF and TGA.
  • Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME support dropped. Please use DiskState v3.50.

What is new in v3.50?

  • Improved duplicate finder engine for Asian locales. DiskState will now find many more duplicates than before.
  • Duplicate engine deletes empty folders if possible.
  • Deletion Engine improved. Changed 'Include folders and files' to only apply for files, allowing recursive scan for particular files to delete.
  • Bugfix: Added automatic generation of Microsoft Dump files upon a crash.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash. Proper handling of reparse mount points under Windows Vista. Much more stable during volume scanning.
  • Bugfix: When uninstalling, always remove the 'Run DiskState at startup'.

What is new in v3.40?

  • Added file size filtering to DiskState Custom Reports. Make your own reports based upon file size ranges.
  • DiskState Reports window is now resizable.
  • Improved exported text file-based/clipboard output for duplicate and DiskClean results: file sizes more readable (1'234'567 instead of 1234567) and path truncation not enabled by default. Added popup window to control these options.
  • The Regex tester now makes substitutions for environment variables.
  • Made the Regex tester more prominent. Accessible from the DiskClean settings, result window and system tray menu. The Regex tester is non-modal which makes cut and paste easier.
  • Bugfix: Deselect files that are not readable when deleting.
  • Bugfix: Include swap file data from other volumes than C:\. Used incorrect Windows control set. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Various Windows Vista fixes. Crashes and broken Zip Safety path resolved.
  • Bugfix: ZipSafety recovery on read-only files fixed.

What is new in v3.30?

  • Much more responsible UI by more threading during ZipSafety, scanning for duplicates, DiskClean, State Captures . Especially with large files.
  • DiskClean improved: Will not suggest files that are in-use.
  • Duplicates improved: Added context submenu for selecting all files in a given list of folders, which should be ideal for selecting backup folders. Also added highlighting of all file entries when all copies of the file has been selected.
  • Upgraded Zip library to latest version.
  • Find/FindAll improvements. Now expands variables in regular expressions like %!Local AppData%\\.*\.log$. Added functionality to bring up DiskClean regular expressions in DiskClean and Duplicates results window.
  • Improved dialog for adjusting Window Shade and System Tray icon usage.
  • Added a regular expression tester, which should make it easier to make powerful regular expressions.
  • Added /customuser:myname1 command line argument to get Vista behavior under XP, which may be useful if one needs to have multiple Clean.ini files etc.
  • Added "Minimize main by [x] instead of closing it" option to Settings | Window.
  • Added possibility to change the font for regular expressions for better clarity.
  • Added menu option in DiskClean to bring up the regular expression settings from the DiskClean results window.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a few crashes (editing DiskClean rules), added cleanup of ZipSafety file entries if deletion was aborted, fixed warning requests when deleting to Recycle Bin, auto-minimize bug corrected and hints window is now the top-most window.
  • Minor: Do not warn when closing duplicate results window if results are already exported, do not close DiskClean window when hitting "enter" key in results window, added resizing of progress windows, double-click now brings up Edit window if possible.

What is new in v3.21?

  • Added PerfectDisk 8 support.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when deleting files already deleted.

What is new in v3.20?

  • Added new rules to DiskClean: Adobe Acrobat search index files, app data log files, app data local log files, Apple QuickTime downloads, Macromedia Flash Player cache, Firefox download log, Opera download log, Sun Java Cache, Firefox cache and Opera cache.
  • Added new base select: Specific folders can now be given points. Files in folders with lowest points are less important than others and thus elected for selection.
  • Improved DiskClean engine: Added expansion of system environment variables and OS specific folder names in regular expressions. Example of a local OS specific folder is "%!Local AppData%\\MyCompany". Example of an environment variable expansion is "%APPDATA%\\MyCompany".
  • New context submenu that offers all depths of selected path to folder ignore list in duplicate files result window.
  • Usability: If all duplicates are selected, unselect files for entire group and show file list in a window afterwards.
  • Bug fixes: Mouse scroll wheel did not respond correctly in result lists, problems related to "close other open DiskState windows" should be gone now, context menu items for already deleted files are now disabled, stability with millions of files for duplicate scans.
  • Platform support update: Windows XP X64, Windows 2003 Server X64 and Windows Vista.
  • New command line option: /spaceview:D opens up disk analysis window on drive D etc.
  • Cosmetic: 'Total Usage Free' to 'Total Used Free' in main window.
  • Cosmetic: Compare files and folders result window is now resizable.

What is new in v3.11?

  • Improved updater: Now adds "Run With Logging" shortcut to Program Start menu.
  • Bug fixes: Crash when given an invalid regular expression, COM wasn't correctly initialized, used over maximum memory heap size which lead to a crash, buffer overflow check, sorting lists with file sizes > 2 GB were wrong.
  • Cosmetic: Dupes export window is now topmost, menu seperators are now drawn again.

What is new in v3.10?

  • Greatly improved regular expression support. It now supports lookahead and lookbehind expressions. This was introduced in Perl 5 and allows you to e.g. match a "d" not followed by a "s" like d(?!s). This is available in the Deletion Engine, DiskClean, duplicate detection engine and so forth.
  • Added possibility to adjust 240 chars limit in long paths report. Adjust by invoking the context menu in the Reports dialog.
  • Added logging capabilities for error analysis and support. Deletion engine now supports verbose logging by the registry entry LogVerbose of the HKLM\Software\Geekcorp\DiskState\DeleteEngine key.
  • Added new Start Menu entry: Support\Run With Logging. This automatically starts up everything with full logging. After DiskState has been exited, the log data is collected along with the relevant DiskState registry values, zipped down and prepared for sending to us if you approve it.
  • Added "Opening containing folder" for duplicate files result window and DiskClean window.
  • Added "View File" to DiskClean context menu.
  • Added "Don't ask again" and "Never show again" on some popups to avoid annoying requests. Also removed any sounds from DiskState windows to alert the user.
  • Added possibility to adjust the maximum path length of a report. Invoke by context menu of the report results, select "Set Maximum Path Limit".
  • Improved FireFox support.
  • Bugfixes: Deletion engine startup, warning on selecting all copies of file etc.
  • Cosmetic: Changed "Mozilla" buttons to "Firefox" ones even though we support various versions of Netscape and Mozilla beneath those "Firefox" buttons.

What is new in v3.01?

  • Bugfix: Duplicate Files Wizard when searching all local drives.
  • Bugfix: Base Select didn't select files correctly.
  • Improved the DiskState updater.

What is new in v3.00?

  • Added UNC support for drives.
  • Added full support for file system reparse points. Volume mount points and symbolic links with circular detection algorithm.
  • Rewritten duplicate base select engine.
  • Added new option to Base Select: Keep longest name.
  • Added new context menu item for duplicate result window: Deselect all files in this folder.
  • Improved the Deletion Engine by adding automatic log and zip archive rotation. Furthermore, the engine is better suited for archival purposes (e.g. archive files older than 5 years).
  • New core data structures are in place. Faster and more maintainable.
  • UI Tweaks: Add/Remove programs remembers last selected item after refresh.
  • UI Tweaks: About dialog includes button to check for program updates.
  • UI Tweaks: Added warning when closing result windows that took a while to gather.
  • UI Tweaks: Dupes Results Delete now remembers last selected file. Also highlights portion of result list that contain problems/questions.
  • Minor bugfixes: Deletion engine zip safety path.
  • Minor bugfixes: When files are already deleted in a result list, no error condition is thrown now.
  • PerfectDisk 7 support added.
  • Opera 8 support added.
  • Firefox support added.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and cosmetic touchup.

What is new in v2.86?

  • Added more detail in reports. Now shows timestamp in addition to year, month and day.
  • Added help usage to DiskState. Invoke by DiskState /? on the command line.
  • Added support for directly opening contents of binary duplicates report.
  • Added support for generating binary duplicate report in addition to textual report by command line.
  • Improved scripting. A DSBusy.txt file will exist when DiskState is processing command line request. This file is located in DiskState's install folder.
  • Removed evaluation popup windows when automation command line tools are used.

What is new in v2.85?

  • Added Cygnus symbolic file links support.
  • Added Perfect Disk 6 support.
  • Added 4 new file types to Disk Cleaning engine.
  • Added file count in parentheses per folder to Disk Analysis. Useful to keep track of excessive file counts that slow down tasks like virus scanning and searching.
  • Improved stability when using Nero InCD in parallel with disk monitoring.
  • Improved Add/Remove Program system tool to discover more hidden applications in Windows.

What is new in v2.83?

  • Added new option to force single denomination in Disk Analysis window. Useful when exporting data to Excel etc.
  • Added new command line option /addremove to let you jump right into the faster Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog. Also available as an ordinary icon in the DiskState folder.
  • Added support for NTFS mount points / junction points.
  • Improved Add/Remove Programs system tool. Reads settings from current user and uses product name from Windows Installer if available.
  • Improved file deletions in DiskClean - speed improvement.
  • Bugfix: Restoring Disk Analysis window works again.

What is new in v2.82?

  • Added warnings if email notifications cannot be sent, especially related to firewall problems.
  • Improved responsive progress bars when freeing memory lists.
  • Bugfix: Wrong path in language pack installers no longer crashes.
  • Bugfix: Deletion Engine stability.
  • Bugfix: Compare folders stability and memory leak plugged.
  • Bugfix: Deletion engine start time configuration does not longer change at random.
  • Bugfix: All Deletion engine repeat frequencies are now available.
  • Bugfix: Notification engine stability improved, especially related to UNC paths.

What is new in v2.81?

  • Added support for replacing graphics in language pack modules.
  • Improved documentation and dialogs regarding service permissions.
  • Bugfix: File dialogs work much better on Win95, Win98, WinMe and WinNT.

What is new in v2.80?

  • Added new Deletion Engine scheduling to make it run e.g. three times a day, only on weekends, specific work days etc.
  • Added support for custom delete-older-than-x-days per folder to the Deletion Engine.
  • Added two new modes to detect multimedia duplicates. DiskState can for instance fully use the ID3V1, ID3V1.1 and ID3V2 meta information to detect duplicates. Alternatively, DiskState can ignore all meta information and only review the actual data of each multimedia sequence.
  • Added option to compare only the first give size or percent of files to the duplicate finder. This is useful for large multimedia animations at CGI studios.
  • Added support for individual thresholds and notification email addresses for different volumes in the Notification Engine.
  • Added integration with Raxco Perfect Disk 5.
  • Added custom poll delay for the Notification Engine.
  • Added support for more than 2 GB of memory monitoring.
  • Added new option "include similar serial numbers" option to Volumes tab in the configuration.
  • Added file deletion progression counter with current file name.
  • Added cancel button to file deletion progress bar.
  • Added menu item to toggle duplicate files in particular folder for removal.
  • Added support for Opera 7 and Netscape 7 browsers.
  • Improved warning check with all files unsorted and selected in lists. Also comes with "never show this warning" option.
  • Improved compatibility with Office XP. Microsoft KB article Q329368.
  • Fixed demo-license falsely expiring after 24 hours.
  • BaseSelect window no longer blocks focus for duplicate file listing.
  • More robust window coordinate verification at startup.
  • Improved crash report with better location failures.
  • Automatic screenshot adjusted to occur every hour on the hour when enabled.

What is new in v2.70?

  • Added new menus with icons in the main window.
  • Added refresh button to system tool "Add/Remove Programs".
  • Added folder comparison in addition to single file comparison. Folder comparison can produce a detailed report about which files are missing and which ones are differ from each other. Useful to use when synchronizing folders.
  • Added an disk image size calculator. It is useful to calculate how much disk space is needed for selected partitions. Approximates compression sizes.
  • Added Zip Safety with archiving support for Deletion Engine. Also Enabled Deletion Engine to work as an historic file archiving engine.
  • Added free space to notification engine emails and popus.
  • Added screenshot export feature to Disk Analysis. Can even be automated to generate screenshots and textual reports on an hourly basis. The graphics contain a pie chart including legend and usage information.
  • Improved correctness of "Check All" in system tool "All/Remove Programs".
  • Improved Deletion Engine's removal of empty folders and log file stability.
  • Improved printing with adjusting columns dynamically.
  • Improved access to path matching in the Find window of reports.
  • Improved userability with support for click on *.* in the Disk Analysis to access parent folder.
  • Fixed correct polling for disk space notification when starting up DiskState in minimized mode.
  • Fixed problem with appearing task bar icon when starting DiskState in minimized mode.
  • Fixed Z-ordering of windows that expect user input. E.g. opening the report generator in the Disk Analysis window and attempting to close the parent window.
  • Fixed in a crash handler. If DiskState should crash, it should show a more friendly window, produce a crash dump file which is useful for analyzing the problem and make it easier to report problems back to Geekcorp Support. Also added option to disable startup splash popups that might prevent DiskState from starting on automated servers.

What is new in v2.61?

  • Disk Capacity Notification can monitor UNC paths. This is ideal for remotely monitoring volumes that have no local drive letter.
  • Bugfix & Cleanup: Printing works much better now. It should look leaner too :-)

What is new in v2.60?

  • Added Re-sort Start Menu to 'Cover your tracks'.
  • Added Tidy Recently Accessed Items in Start Menu to 'Cover your tracks'.
  • Added option to look for all audio and video multimedia files instead of individual categories. This option can be found in the new duplicate Wizard.
  • Added context menu in DiskClean and Capture State result set for selecting and inverting highlighted items.
  • Added first version of File Compare to System Tools (very thorough file verification tool).
  • Improved base selection for duplicates. Each bag of duplicate files is now sorted individually.
  • Settings window size can now be reduced and minimized to avoid cluttering of the desktop.
  • Improved uninstallation feature directly from DiskState. It is now possible to uninstall any application from the list of installed programs.
  • Documentation language improved, added more access points and more tips on compression and help in both Readme and context sensitive help.
  • Support for Russian character set.
  • Visual improvements in the main dialog on Windows XP.
  • Running ScanDisk from Disk Analysis window will refresh the volume cache if DiskClean is run.
  • Replaced standard icon in task list with custom DiskState icon.
  • 'Find Dialog' is now always on top. Furthermore, if any of the buttons in Disk Analysis are pressed while other tasks are running, the user is notified about this.
  • Added more tool tips everywhere. Especially in 'Find Duplicates'.
  • Help system accessibility improved. Open context sensitive help by pressing F1 in most windows. Help in the main window also be started from context menu and a middle mouse button click.
  • Moving files in duplicate listings now allowed if non-absolute filenames are used in the display.
  • Added more items to duplicate file result context menu. Added a few more items to Disk Clean results context menu, too.
  • Operations in duplicate file result context menu are now carried out on all the highlighted entries. For instance, this makes it possible to move a given number of files in one operation.
  • Cookie Manager can now export cookie locations, days accessed and contents to file.
  • Added View Cookie to Cookie Manager.
  • Added context menu for IE Cookie Management.
  • Now testing for presence of file during duplicate deletion to avoid error messages on non-existing files.

What is new in v2.50?

  • Searching for duplicates can be done by command line options. Useful for automatically generated dupes reports on a regular basis.
  • Export information in Disk Analysis to either clipboard or printers. The latter prints out pie usage as well. Color printers are recommended for legend.
  • Zip Safety now includes "Recovery". That is, you can directly restore the files deleted within DiskState. No longer in need for external Zip utility like WinZip. Select individually files to recover or all files. The latter is safe as it does not overwrite newer files than found in the backup file.
  • File deletion (including SafetyZip support) is available in DiskState Reports.
  • Added DiskState Report for RAR and ACE archives. Supports spanned files.
  • Supports LiteStep window manager. Make DiskState appear on every virtual desktop.
  • Cover Your Tracks now supported for Opera 5, Netscape 4 and Netscape 6. Even with the latter two simultaneously installed.
  • Deletion Engine now supports "delete per item". E.g. specify it to delete *.obj files from your Visual C++ projects, as well as ignore given folders at the same time.
  • Notify Max Disk Space Capacity added. Can notify by email, message box or both on any volume.
  • In Add/Remove Programs: Looks for invalid entries among installed programs. Suggests removal of invalid entries.
  • In Add/Remove Programs: Added "Uninstall" button for faster uninstall compared to Windows 2000/XP's uninstall list.
  • Context menu of duplicate list has new "Toggle All" button in addition to "Toggle Highlighted".
  • Now exports MD5/CRC-32 key generated during duplicate file search (as comma separated file or plain ASCII).
  • IE Cookie manager now preselects all cookies upon startup.
  • IE Cookie Manager comes with AutoSelect, which tries to make a guess of what to suggest for removal.
  • New WinShade window. Smaller and neater.
  • New tree-based configuration window.
  • Windows XP compliant graphics. Removed title bar color shading.
  • In DiskState Reports, it is possible to reduce the dataset by specifying start and end date of date stamps to show. Other entries outside the date range are removed from the list (not deleted from volume).
  • Now truncates long device name in main overview window.
  • Detects and cleans news cache headers in DiskClean.
  • New option in BaseSelect for duplicate searching: Select file names by alphabetical order. E.g. file.doc1, file.doc2 and file.doc3 will delete the latter two and retain the former.
  • New Setup look. More Windows 2000-like.
  • Integrated with Enriva Magellan Explorer if installed. A great file explorer replacement. Try 'right-click' in Disk Analysis window.
  • Improved stability with huuuge volumes for Reports, Duplicate search, cleanup and print-outs. Also includes SafetyZip support for millions of files.
  • Deletion Engine memory footprint is reduced.
  • Added "Don't Delete Any File" in file deletion confirmation with protected files.
  • DiskState can now co-exist in system tray and task bar at the same time.
  • New Evaluation Policy. DiskState Evaluation version will not just expire 30 days after installation. It will remain active until it has been used for 30 full days.
  • Bugfix: Zooming the pie chart caused an hang-up until one pressed Escape. This has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Deletion Engine failed to start for some of the world's time zones. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Generating file reports on files older than 1970 made DiskState crash. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Misplaced buttons appeared with a given display setting. Fixed.

What is new in v2.10?

  • Added Duplicate Files Find Wizard in addition to Classic mode. Got a lot of MP3s, image files and other multimedia duplicates? This wizard makes searching easier for you!
  • Added a system tray icon to represent the graphical storage usage of a given volume. Shows a tiny pie chart.
  • Added a new pre-defined report: Show me the files with paths that exceed > 240 chars. Useful to identify which files are affected by backup programs with path truncating.
  • Added a resizable separate pie chart window to Disk Analysis. Click on the pie to zoom in on those crowded folder usages.
  • Added a Cookie Manager for your IE web browser. Replaces old cookie cleaner with new and improved one: Remove cookies selectively using sub-string matches, all or by manual selections.
  • Added the possibility to remove boot entries in the Boot Loader of Windows 2000 and Windows NT.
  • Windows Millennium Edition (ME) ready.
  • Buttons are improved, bold face used for better accessibility.
  • System Tools window adjusted for 640x480 screen resolutions.
  • Improved window tray logic: no restarts necessary.
  • Added "Minimize to system tray". "System Tray minimize" shows taskbar icon while DiskState is non-minimized. The taskbar icon disappears when minimizing to tray.
  • Stability increased and other miscellaneous cosmetics works.

What is new in v2.04?

  • Uses significantly less memory resources.
  • Bugfix release. Anyone running v2.03 is strongly advised to upgrade.

What is new in v2.03?

  • Deletion engine is improved. Start time now shows either 12/24-hour clock depending on local settings, shows more detailed error messages when starting the service etc.
  • Base select option added: Select files with same file name. This option selects the files of same content that have the same file name except the oldest or newest one. The file name comparison is case-insensitive.
  • Batch reports now have drive letters included next to the volume name.
  • A couple of progress meters have been added when exporting results to either file, clipboard and so forth.
  • Importing duplicate search results is faster.
  • Importing of duplicate search results now follows the ignore rules. Furthermore, duplicate files become ghosted when ignored from context-menu.
  • Multi-toggle duplicate listing entries added.
  • Less flickering when browsing folders in Disk Analysis.
  • More options before searching for duplicates. E.g. ignore files smaller than X bytes.
  • Option to alert user when duplicate search is completed. If not selected and the main window is minimized, the result window is presented in minimized mode.
  • Removed confusing highlight-grouping in list of duplicates when sorting on file size, date etc.
  • Fixed a problem when installing Perfect Disk after installing DiskState.
  • Now supports an unbounded number of duplicate files of the same content.
  • Small forgotten bug-fixes :-)

What is new in v2.02?

  • Duplicate files finder is 30 % faster on the average by taking samples of data and doing further analysis when the samples are equal.
  • DiskClean now reports which rule each temporary file has been caught by.
  • DiskState detects five more temporary files for DiskClean.
  • Integration with Raxco Software Perfect Disk 2000.
  • CRC-32 algorithm available instead of MD5 when checking for duplicates. Option available in settings.
  • Added new pre-defined report: Find files edited, created or accessed within a given time period. Also possible to find files with given file attributes: read-only, hidden, compressed, encrypted etc.
  • The usual tweaks and fixes plus optimizations.

What is new in v2.01?

  • Specify color threshold settings for volume usage bars.
  • Displays interchangeably between swap space and memory usage under Windows NT and Windows 2000 series.
  • Window shading added. Shows three customizable volumes in title bar.
  • Shows the date of last file access for duplicate files.
  • Use DiskState in scripting to return TRUE or FALSE depending on your local volume's specified free space by the command line.
  • Other nifty small adjustments...

What is new in v2.00?

  • Multiple language support.
  • Select different starting folders for each volume in duplicate search.
  • Specify which files to investigate, what folders to avoid and what files to ignore during duplicate files detection phase.
  • Fully integrated with powerful regular expressions.
  • Export and Import functionality for the list of duplicate files found. Ideal for reviews later on.
  • List windows are fully resizable.
  • Adds columns for file version, ID, file type.
  • One can sort lists in different way by clicking on the column headers. Perfect to find large duplicate files or duplicate files of specific type.
  • Printing capabilities of duplicate list, DiskClean lists, reports etc.
  • Export lists to ASCII file or directly to clipboard.
  • SmartSelect upgraded. Will not select system files for starters.
  • System files are shown in red color for listings.
  • Reports can be generated to find e.g. the oldest files, zip files etc. on a disk volume. The whole report generator is user-customizable. Adding new reports is straight forward.
  • DiskState can capture the state of all files in a folder tree. This enables the user to compare old states with newly captured ones. Ideally for detecting changes in files, deleted files and added files in a structure of files.
  • View file contents or start the associated program for duplicate lists, DiskClean findings, Reports and capture listings. There is also a "Find" capability to search through long listings using powerful regular expression search.
  • Deleting files now includes ZipSafety. This means that the user can choose to take a backup of the whole folder structure of files to be deleted before the files are physically moved to the recycle bin or deleted for good. It now creates a zip file for each of the volumes involved in the deletion process. Use e.g. WinZip to restore deleted files if things go wrong.
  • The whole logic of DiskClean is now user-configurable with the full power of regular expressions. Create your of rules, disable and enable rules of your choice. Exclusion of folders is also possible by option.
  • Launches ScanDisk, Disk Administrator, Perfect Disk and Disk Management (Win2000) if available from a Disk Analysis window on volume. You can also set up custom applications to run for integration with your favorite third-party disk tool.
  • Windows 2000 Pro ready. It looks e.g. for the new Defragmenter included in this operating system. If it exists, an icon becomes available to defragment the drive with easy access.
  • Server friendly: make DiskState use idle cycles when working. This does not stress e.g. busy file servers.
  • Internet aware: Automatically check for updates and messages on the Internet regarding DiskState. Supports proxy web access also (behind firewalls etc.). Supports downloading and running an automated version updater.
  • System Tools: Edit, add or remove entries in Windows' list of installed programs (ideal to delete duplicate entries when updating software). Also, cover your tracks by deleting typed URLs in Internet Explorer, Windows' run history, find history, document history, IE cookies and IE history folder.
  • Deletion engine to clean up specified folders ignoring user-definable files, files older than a given number of days etc. Works with every nodes in a directory tree and can also delete empty folders upon selection. Only available under Windows NT and Windows 2000 Pro.
  • Show physical allocated swap space (file size) now enabled for Windows NT paging file(s).
  • Will not include network drives and DVDs etc. in total disk space (user option to enable this).
  • Will not suggest non-deletable files in DiskClean (option to disable available).
  • Will not auto-select all volumes to check for duplicate files (option to disable available).
  • Duplicate search can now skip recursive folders if the user wants to.
  • Faster duplicate search algorithm available in the option list.
  • Shows actual allocated disk space in Disk Analysis window upon user selection.
  • Shorter delay when mouse cursor is over volume in main window available.
  • Now ignores files residing in Recycle bin (user option to disable available).
  • Can ignore duplicate files of less than 64 bytes size option.
  • UMS Linux volume detection and device files are better ignored now.
  • Safety for duplicates list: At least one copy should remain of each file. Issues warnings.
  • Tool tips are everywhere.
  • Improved GUI.
  • Increased general stability, no longer freezes with very large volumes (like RAIDs).
  • Added Tip of the Day.
  • Now looks for dead file links in DiskClean.
  • Includes boot block extractor. Automatically add item to Windows 2000 Pro and Windows NT.
  • Incorporated dumping of volume information to ASCII file as a parameter. Use "/dumpstate [filename]" in command arguments.
  • Improved font support.
  • Move file, copy file, clipboard etc. available in context menu of duplicate list.
  • Base Select rules box added.
  • Year 2000 and 2038 compatible.
  • Miscellaneous tuneups...