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Detailed overview of disk space, eliminate wasted disk space, tidy up those duplicate MP3s, pictures and other system-wide files, capture disk states and compare, generate reports, schedule cleanups, manage boot blocks for multiboot, surfe safely, cookie manager, UNC monitoring...[More]


Upgrading DiskState

First and foremost, thank you for supporting this software. It is you that have made DiskState v3.85 a reality.

From v3.x and 2.x

All upgrades are free. We want our customers to stay up-to-date. That is why we have created an automatic upgrade utility in DiskState itself. It can upgrade DiskState with its documentation and files for you.

If there should be problems with the AutoUpdate feature for your copy, you can simply get the password automatically to the Licensed DiskState area. Here you will find the licensed software for download.

  1. Simply locate your DiskState.exe on your harddrive. It is usually found in the C:\Program Files\DiskState\ folder.
  2. Click on the Browse... button below and select the DiskState.exe file.
  3. Click the Upload and Verify. What happens next is that you are uploading the DiskState.exe file to a Geekcorp web server. Once uploaded, it will be checked and if the server can recognize the file as original licensed, you will be given the password automatically. Note: This will only work with the release versions of DiskState - not the beta editions.
  4. Simply log on to the licensed area and download the newest version. Completely anonymously! Just as we want it :-)

From v1.x

Customers who have bought one or more DiskState v1.x licenses can freely upgrade to the v3.x series. That's right. We are giving away the v3.x license to our faithful customers.

This entitles you to upgrades in the v3.x series and support.

Email d s - s u p p o r t @ with your name and address to get your fully licensed copy. Be sure to include the email address used when registering DiskState v1.x for database lookups.

Our long-time quality commitment equals free upgrades!