Geekcorp Software

Imagine starting each day with a good laughter.

Analogous to those cookies with a joke inside you get after dining out in a Chinese restaurant, SmartBee takes it further.

SmartBee contains more than one hundred thousand different cookies.
Everything from Murphy's laws, Devil's Dictionary, myths, jokes, computer mimics, facts, stories, jargons, deep thoughts and not to forget - quotes from famous people.


SmartBee Desktop Features

  • Skinnable GUI.
  • Using a highly efficient cookie compression algorithm for saving disk space.
  • Over one hundred thousand cookies that have been verified and duplicates have been removed.
  • Cookie extraction.
  • Create own cookie files and add your details to the cookie data files.
  • Searching available through the entire cookie archives. Useful to find appropriate cookies when you need them.
  • Randomizing looks on startup.
  • Reminder for taking regular breaks. This is useful to get coffee and to stretch muscles after hard work.
  • Automatically generate cookie signatures for your favorite email program like Outlook, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Eudora and more.
  • Email signatures are customizable by templates for HTML, RTF and various text formats. You can also place your personal information in the signatures.
  • Cookie verification to ensure consistent cookie files.
  • Internal cookie server, which clients can use to fetch cookies remotely.
  • Language pack support.
  • Demo Mode. Excellent for having SmartBee in the shop window.
  • Automatic web update information. The application can check for new versions without sending any information to Geekcorp Software.
  • Word exclusions support by patterns. If you are e.g. bored of cookies with the word politics in them, you can preserve yourself from these cookies.
  • DOS support.
  • Uninstall support.