Geekcorp Software

Imagine starting each day with a good laughter.

Analogous to those cookies with a joke inside you get after dining out in a Chinese restaurant, SmartBee takes it further.

SmartBee contains more than one hundred thousand different cookies.
Everything from Murphy's laws, Devil's Dictionary, myths, jokes, computer mimics, facts, stories, jargons, deep thoughts and not to forget - quotes from famous people.


SmartBee Team

The enormous work of Antonio Colombo and Sveinar Rasmussen steer the SmartBee project to its purest perfection.

Undoubtedly, this couldn't have been done without the help from the following persons:

  • Håvard Pedersen   - for making Smarta** v1.0 on the Amiga.
  • Bram Moolenaar - for the Vim editor and for sharing his fortunes file.
  • Christian Kemp - for maintaining the Amiga version.
  • Frank Simonsen - for machine typing quotes.
  • Frank R. Larsen - for betatesting unix versions.
  • Lasse Magnussen - for betatesting.
  • Andrew Hood - for terminology corrections.
  • Paul Currie - for sending in those quotes.
  • Kristian Waerass - for the HitchHiker's book and suggestions.
  • Tobias Bjørndal - for "copy to clipboard" idea.
  • George V. Reilly - for Windows programming help.
  • Hussam E. Eassa, Ph.D. - for bug reporting (Windows version).